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Antisocial Behaviour & Excessive Noise

Report Now

If an incident is occurring now contact the Police Assistance Centre on 131 444. Call 000 for emergencies. If an incident is not occurring now contact the City of South Perth for advice on noise complaints.


You can also visit the WA Police noise FAQ here

or Crime Stoppers' antisocial behaviour page here

Department of Communities

If the incident is occurring at a known Department of Communities property, please also lodge a report using by clicking here.

City of South Perth

Please click here to file a report with the City of South Perth that follows the format seen below.



Request type*:

  • Construction work after hours

  • Construction noise

  • Construction site - radio noise

  • Equipment noise e.g. air conditioning

  • Public events

  • Musical instruments

  • Specified equipment (e.g. power tools)

  • Roosters

  • Other noise


Property address that is source of noise*:

Description of noise (source of noise / time noise started & finished)*:

Were Police contacted?:

Your contact number*:

Date noise occurred*:

Time noise occurred*:

Construction details timeline:

  • Before 7am on Mon - Sat

  • After 7am on Mon - Sat

  • Sunday

  • Public holiday


* Indicates a mandatory field

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