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Keep Australia
Beautiful Week

Join the nationwide pledge and refuse the use of plastic
for seven days!

16th - 22nd August, 2021

When you get your daily coffee fix or use cutleries when having a meal. Have you thought about where your waste goes to and how it would affect wildlife and other biodiversity? Plastic that ends up in nature can take up to 500 years to decompose and harm animals that ingest it.

This year, Keep Australia Beautiful association is putting the spotlight on single-use plastic as Australians nationwide pledge to refuse and prevent the use of single plastic for seven days. 

Join the pledge by enrolling on the KAB website and posting a photo of yourself on social media using the hashtag #KABWEEK2021

Make your pledge
and commit!

It only takes a few moments, but the impact of reducing plastic waste will last for centuries.

Keeping it local

If you are keen to recycle and reduce your waste, check out these local sites in the City of South Perth that offers recycling services for a range of products and materials.


COSP Recycling Centre

Corner Thelma St and,

Hayman Road, Como WA

To assist the City of South Perth in reducing waste to landfill and increasing recycling, the Recycling Centre accepts a variety of items free of charge.
These include:

  • E-waste (such as televisions, computers, laptops, monitors)

  • Clean and uncontaminated cardboard

  • Motor oil

  • Scrap metal (such as fridges, washing machines)

  • Fluorescent lighting tubes

  • Household batteries

  • Plastic bottom-top lids.


Our Ruby Girl

2/ 61 Ley St, Perth, WA,

Australia, 6152, 

The owners of Our Ruby Girl are passionate about reducing their waste. The café aims to be the ‘one-stop shop’ for recycling. The owner works with volunteers to collect, sort and drop off all recycling materials.

Items they collect includes:

  • Plastic lids

  • Disposable Cups

  • Bio Pack Cups

  • Plasic Bread Tags

  • Soft plastics

  • Batteries

  • Old oral care

  • Old textas and pens

Community Pharmacy - Amcal 2_cropped_resized.jpg

Amcal Community Pharmacy 

144 Coode Street, Como Western Australia 6152

Amcal Community Pharmacy accepts empty medication blister pack foils. You can return the empty packaging and it will be packed into the Zero Waste Box and sent for recycling. The Zero Waste Box system is an all-in-one recycling solution by TerraCycle. The blister pack foils will be sorted and processes into raw materials that can be reused instead of being sent to the landfill. 


Coles Waterford Plaza

230 Manning Rd,
Karawara WA 6152

Soft plastic is characterised as plastic materials that can be scrunched up into a ball. Soft plastic is recyclable. However most household kerbside recycling does not accept soft plastic because the material is often caught in recycling machinery. But not to fret, as Coles has partnered with REDcycle to provide soft plastic collection at all Coles supermarkets.

Types of soft plastics that can be recycled includes:

  • Shopping bags including reusable 'green’ bags

  • Fresh fruit and veggie bags and wrappers

  • Bread bags

  • Cereal box liners

  • Biscuit wrappers and confectionery packaging

  • Rice and pasta packets

  • Frozen food bags


Hensman St. Elementary

46 Hensman Street, South Perth Western Australia 6151

One of the biggest learning objectives at Hensmen St. Elementary is to teach children the importance of sustainability through practicable activities.. The elementary hosts Market Day once every month, where members of the community can purchase fresh herbs and vegetable that are planted and taken care of by the students of the elementary. In addition, the elementary has also partnered with Terracycle to collects used beauty products, toothpaste and Nespresso pods for recycling.


Greenbatch - Wesley College

Corner of Coode and Angelo Streets South Perth WA 6151

Wesley College collaborated with Greenbatch. 

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