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Our Sponsors

Our rebrand would not have been possible without two things - the Community Funding Grant offered by the City of South Perth, and the in-kind donations of time and expertise offered by Curtin University (via their Curtin Link initiative).


Read on to learn about how these two important partners helped to get the CSC off the ground…

City of South Perth

After working closely with the City of South Perth’s Community Development team over several years on a number of community safety initiatives, we were encouraged to apply for a Community Funding Grant. These grants are “open to both incorporated and non-incorporated, not-for-profit community organisations for non-recurrent projects that provide benefit to the City of South Perth community, and align with the City’s Strategic Plan 2017 - 2027”.

As members of the CoSP Community Safety Group, we were actively involved in developing the CoSP Community Safety Framework Action Plan for 2020, and thus our Goals, Actions and Priorities dovetail into theirs - and vice versa!

Curtin University

Curtin Link is an innovative service connecting students from Curtin Business School and Curtin Law School with the community. Through Curtin Link non-profit organisations, social enterprises, small businesses and start-ups can receive integrated advisory services and project support on a range of business, legal and taxation issues.

Our Marketing Interns

In August 2020, two Curtin marketing interns - Bernadette and Zachary - volunteered a combined 300 hours towards the creation of the CSC. It goes without saying that we literally would not have a platform worthy of our cause without them.

Bernadette and Zachary have created a final product that most not-for-profit community groups can only dream of… from the website, to the merchandise bags, to our extended social media presence, they have fulfilled the brief set for them - and then some!

Bernadette Belarmino Portrait
Zachary Riordan Portrait

Our Law Clinic Students

In September 2020, we took our first steps towards becoming an Incorporated Association, with the assistance of students from The John Curtin Law Clinic.

In addition to creating a bespoke governance framework and helping to draft our application paperwork, the Law Clinic students also provided advice and guidance on any Copyright and Intellectual Property questions raised by our Marketing interns.

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